Why should you buy ethical jewellery

Jan 2019


Over the past decade, the tides have been turning, our stronghold on materialism has relaxed, making way for a generation that’s favoring more considered purchases. When it comes to jewelry, that added consideration has led to an increased demand for ethical gemstones. If you saw the 2006 film Blood Diamond and began to question your own jewelry collection, you’re not alone. The impact from the Leonardo DiCaprio drama seemed to add to a conversation that was already gaining traction. More and more women were receiving the message: our jewelry decisions do change life’s.

This resulted in women demanding transparency and brand accountability. This led to brands being more responsible and friendlier towards environment. Hence the rise of ethical jewelry.

Hence an ethical business takes into account three factors-

  • Treatment of the workers
  • Effect on local communities affected by the business
  • Environmental impact of the mining of natural commodities like gems, metals, etc.


Millennial consumers and young women around the world are taking part in the push for sustainability and all business are answerable to the educated and aware consumer. Celebrities, too, are getting on board, to promote a message of sustainability and charity, while starting a conversation about human rights.

AT AYOS , we respect that sustainability is of paramount importance, which is why we have always worked with trusted suppliers. It is surely our endeavor to create a sustainable environment where our artisans and local communities can thrive.

So we promise to our consumers that every effort from us is directed towards making fashionable jewelry in the most humane way possible.

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