Our Gemstone

Our natural gemstones are inspired by rich heritage , unparelled skill and daring creativity

Gemstones, a miracle of nature

Ever since every man first walked earth, colored gemstone, the miracle of nature have fascinated people for their spiritual properties, mysterious aura rare existence. Today jewelry created with gemstones is treasured all over the world. Our carved gemstones add an exquisite dimension to our jewelry collections.


Where heritage meets couture

Families of our artisans have been cutting and polishing gemstones for centuries, as a result our artisans have perfected the art of carving gemstones, making them even more desirable. Often our Gemstones have been decorated with floral motif taking inspiration from various beauties of our surroundings. Carving softer stones like emeralds amethysts and garnets lead to a lot breakage and wastage, making them expensive and rare to find.

Daring, magnificent, unparalleled

We only use stones of NATURAL origin. Each stone is handcrafted by an experienced artisan to enhance the holistic properties of our stones. All rough is procured ethically by us. We research and develop all cuts, carvings and shapes of our gems, and yes we love it



Jewelry that will take your breathe away