Best Jewelry Gifting Ideas

Jan 2019


Finding a unique gift for your girlfriend, wife or a loved one can be an extremely time consuming, confusing and an expensive exercise.

Carved gemstone jewelry is one of the best options to gift a loved one.its not only unique but it also underlines the fact that you genuinely care for a person. With thousands of mass manufactured jewelry pieces in the market it can be difficult to find a genuinely unique piece of jewelry.

Gifting a carved gemstone jewelry is the most unique gifting idea.

Carving gemstones for a loved one has been in practice since centuries. There are not many artisans that can carve a gemstone.hence each piece carved by a master artisan is unique and a piece of art.

Carved gemstones are said to help in the passive process of karmic healing. A carved gemstone istills a timeless elegance in the jewelry it adorns.

Moghuls often commissioned their master artisans to carve a gemstone for a loved one, hence making it a memory that lasts forever.the timurids, ancestors of the mughals, had began the tradition of engraving motifs on much as these gems were a symbol of the opulence and dignity of the empire,they were also treasured as protective talismans.

Hence buying a unique hand carved gemstone jewelry for a loved one would surely be a timeless expression of true love.

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