How do healing Crysatls and Gemstones Stones work?

Jan 2019

Crystal healing is based on the principle that:

The human body and mind has the potential to heal and repair itself.

Crystals and gems are used to amplify such healing forces stored in our body. Hence specific stones are used to treat specific problems.

The science behide crystals healing.

Crystals and the human body is constituted of the same minerals, for example quartz and the human body store mineral silicon-dioxide. Hence the vibrations emitted by the crystals create a connection between the mind-body-soul of its beholder.

Formed deep in the heart of earth crystals are miracles formed by the pressure over millions and millions of the years.One can harness the full potentials of healing crystals and gemstones just by believing in these miracles..

The types of crystals and their properties are a result of many factors, each one reflecting the different stages of Earth on its evolutionary path through the cosmos. Their incredible diversity is what makes gemstones so fascinating. Among the many types of crystals found on Earth, each on has their own distinct color, which gives it special healing effects that help to restore and balance the energy in body. In fact, color has a profound effect on the brain, influencing our internal chemistry through the interaction of light frequencies in our eyes and our perception of the color spectrum.


For example white crystals like quartz are linked with purity and peace of mind. Specific uses of each crystals and gemstones have been specified on the website.


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